Because diseases increase in the winter season, we must protect ourselves from them by eating a group of herbs that reduce disease

Herbs that your house is not without in the winter

The winter season is associated with colds, coughing and breathing difficulties, and these health problems can persist for long periods, especially for those who suffer from sinus and sore throats, which negatively affects mental and physical health.

To prevent these diseases, it is recommended to have a set of basic herbs at home during the winter season.

1- Ginger

Ginger helps in feeling warm, as it relieves sore throat and helps rid the body of colds and frequent coughs, as well as supports blood circulation.

It is recommended to use fresh ginger, boil it in water, and drink it half an hour before breakfast and dinner, and if fresh ginger is not available, then powder can be used instead.

2- Tulsi

One of the most important herbs that must be available at home during the winter season, as it treats respiratory disorders and lung problems, facilitates breathing, boosts the immune system, and helps maintain the normal body temperature.

And tulsi leaves are boiled in water and drunk twice a day, and ginger and white honey can be added to it for more benefit.

3- Trichineuria

It is a herb with many benefits, it helps rid the body of toxins, and it has antibacterial properties, thus increasing the body's immunity and protecting it from various diseases.

A teaspoon of amla powder is taken with lukewarm water twice daily to protect the body from various health problems in winter.

4- Cinnamon

Cinnamon is used to treat many winter ailments, such as cough and various chest diseases, and it also contains repellants for adults.

Cinnamon also helps to feel warm and lift the mood during the winter season, which afflicts many people with mood swings.

Cinnamon powder or wooden sticks can be used and added to boiling water, left on the stove for a while, and then drunk on its own or with milk.

5- Sagebrush

Sage is a natural antibiotic for the body, eliminating viruses and bacteria, and benefiting the respiratory and digestive system as well, as it treats many stomach diseases.

And sage contributes to relieving colds and sore throats and cleansing the mouth.

The sage herb is also boiled in water and drunk once a day.

6- Chamomile

Chamomile helps calm stomach ache and cramps, and prevents colds, as it provides natural protection from infection and bacteria.

Chamomile is boiled, left covered for 5 minutes, and then drunk warm.

7- Turmeric

Turmeric powder is one of the most important protectors of the body against various winter diseases, as it is ideal for fighting cold and coughing, and improving the work of the body's immune system.

You can drink two cups of boiled turmeric powder twice a day.

8- House pepper

It is a kind of familiar spice like black pepper, and it has several benefits, such as boosting metabolism, eliminating toxins, improving oxygen flow, and protecting the body from common respiratory diseases.

It is considered one of the best stimulants for the lungs and supports better breathing.

Use a teaspoon of pepper house powder with warm water and a teaspoon of white honey.

9- Parsley

The house should not be constantly devoid of parsley in the winter, as it contains large quantities of potassium, which contributes to strengthening the immune system and preventing various immune diseases, as well as reducing the chances of anemia.

It also provides the body with the energy and vitality needed in this season in which the feeling of coldness and thus laziness and lethargy increases.

Boil parsley and drink its water, and it can be eaten alone or with a salad.

10- Licorice

It is one of the most common plants that protect against winter diseases, it improves the functions of the immune system in the body, protects it from various diseases of the chest and lungs, and it is an expectorant.

Licorice can be eaten after boiling it in water and leaving it until it becomes warm, then sweetened with white honey.

11- Anise

Anise is indispensable in winter, due to its many properties with regard to sore throat and tonsils, as it calms these infections, clears the respiratory system from viruses and expels phlegm.

It is recommended to drink anise more than once a day after adding white honey to it.

12- Guava leaves

Guava leaves help in eliminating frequent and severe cough, which is one of the common health problems in the winter season, and it also helps in expanding the airways.

And guava leaves are tree leaves that are boiled in water, covered for a few minutes, and then drunk warm.

13- Thyme

Thyme works as an effective disinfectant for the respiratory system and helps purify it and eliminate severe coughing, so it is essential in the home during the winter season.

And thyme drink is prepared by boiling its leaves and then drinking its water.

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