Recently, the phenomenon of using medicinal herbs and herbal mixtures has spread significantly without regard to the damages that may be caused by a lack of full awareness of the appropriate dosages and how to take them, and people's confidence has become great in the benefits of these herbs in controlling weight and treating some immune diseases, as they are easily accessible in perfume stores Or through various means of communication such as the Internet was the reason for its widespread spread.

Iman, a twenty-year-old girl, sought to obtain a graceful and harmonious body by consuming herbs in perfume stores, but her ill-considered consumption of these herbs led to a general weakness in her physical structure and she became unable to carry out the activities that she previously did, and after she consulted a doctor On the connection of these herbs to what happened to her, she found that these herbs lead to her body getting rid of all the nutrients that provide her with strength and activity.

Clinical nutrition specialist Mai Al-Momani stresses that: “It is wrong to think that these plants and herbs do not have any side effects because they are natural things, because it is known that many natural plants or herbs have some disadvantages, and that their improper use or Excessive may lead to the emergence of side effects ».

And she adds: «Usually the principle of herbs and their use to control weight, by stimulating the process of burning fat or that it fills the stomach and gives a feeling of fullness and this leads to a reduction in the amount of nutrients and calories consumed throughout the day».

Al-Momani pointed out that: “There are several criteria for the use of herbs for weight loss, which is to ensure the safety of consuming herbs and their suitability for the state of health, and that the use of herbs is accompanied by a healthy diet to lose weight and a commitment to exercise regularly, and it is preferable not to incorporate herbs as the use of herbs combined in the same Time causes side effects that can be left by these mixed herbs, especially if they are in unexamined proportions or more than the percentage they are supposed to provide.

She says: “There are many medical and food products whose ingredients include natural herbs, but their random use without consulting makes them risky. There is a belief among some that they are natural materials that make them 100% safe, but this is wrong. Not everything that is natural is safe, so the danger of herbal mixtures and the combination of more than A herb at the same time lies in several things, including the source of each herb in these mixtures, as the area where it is planted may be contaminated with toxic metals such as lead, arsenic, cadmium and mercury, or the water used for irrigation may be contaminated with toxic metals, or these herbs have been stored in incorrect ways. The storage areas are of high humidity or temperature, which allows the multiplication of bacteria and fungi, which spoils this medicinal plants and nullifies the benefit from them or be a source of various diseases, especially children, pregnant women or the elderly:

And she continues: “Some herbs cause several digestive diseases such as stomach ulcers and may reach liver failure when used continuously and for long periods. These herbs can cause many symptoms of food poisoning such as stomach ache, diarrhea, blood flow, or intestinal and stomach cramps when the liquid herbal mixtures are contaminated with pathological bacteria, especially when prepared. Using primitive home methods ... These herbs may contain hallucinogenic ingredients that may be the cause of cirrhosis when consumed in high quantities and for long periods, such as nutmeg, or these herbs cause stomach irritation or bleeding, such as eating fresh garlic or garlic powder in high quantities on the stomach Empty for long periods or that these herbs cause allergies and itching, such as saffron adulterated with colored substances such as the yellow dye number E129, some of which are prepared by perfumers or housewives in primitive ways.

And stresses: «These mixtures must be wary of them and not to trade or buy them, as they are a source of diseases and lead to harmful risks to health and may lead to disability in the fetus if it is taken through a pregnant woman or the death of the fetus, and the danger of herbs when mixing chemical or pharmaceutical compounds with them in proportions other than These percentages are known. These may be high doses, and continuing to harm the various organs of the body and the blood circulation.

Al-Momani points out: “These herbs, such as mixing them with phenylbetazone compounds, are a treatment for rheumatism, which is a painkiller that prevented circulation because it is carcinogenic, or mixed with male hormones such as testosterone, or mixed with Xenical that reduces weight, or mixed with Sibutramine (Sibutral) or (Ridictal), which are drugs that are prevented from being circulated in Jordan due to their effect on Heart, which suppresses appetite, reduces weight, or medicines for diarrhea are added to tea that reduces weight and has harmful effects on the heart and digestive system.

Al-Momani advises: »Consuming medicinal herbs and their various mixtures in a properly studied manner in terms of concentrations and preparations and according to the advice of a doctor or a nutritionist and taking into account health standards before including any herb within the diet program according to the health status of the individual to avoid any potential health complications and to avoid their conflict with medicines in addition to that it is preferred to drink Each herb separately, especially if the amount and percentage of each herb is unknown in today's diet.

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