Natural herbs for women's beauty

Recent studies indicate that the world population spends about 4 billion dollars annually on the purchase of cosmetics, and that females represent 70% of consumption and a spending rate of 14 to 18 thousand dollars annually per person. 

Due to the high cost of cosmetics, women have recently turned to natural herbs as an important alternative to expensive cosmetic materials. Nowadays, women's beauty comes from fruits, vegetables and natural plants. Al Madina offers the natural recipe for female beauty at no cost.

Some natural herbs for female beauty


One of the best natural cleansers for the skin, it is used to get rid of dirt and excess sebum that are deposited in the pores of oily skin. It also has an astringent effect on the skin, so it is used to close the skin pores that appear clearly and deform the skin, and give an opportunity to accumulate dirt and sebum. Lemon also has an anti-freckle effect and improves overall skin tone. To use lemon as a cleanser or astringent for the skin, apply a thin layer of lemon juice to the skin, keep a few minutes until it dries, then rinse the face with lukewarm water. Lemon juice is also used to remove yellowish teeth by using it on the toothbrush or on a cotton swab to scrub the teeth.


It is one of the richest plants in Vitamin - A - which nourishes the skin and therefore includes carrots in the composition of many creams and masks. You can also rely on eating carrots as food in order to nourish the skin and give it elasticity and soft texture. To make a mask of carrots, boil in water, then mash well, and use when it cools completely.


It has a refreshing and cleansing effect on the skin, which is why it is useful in treating facial pimples that reside in germs and musty spots. For this purpose, cloves are included in the composition of some medicinal creams, and masks. It is also known to benefit the teeth, fight the pain resulting from them, and smell the breath.


The oil extracted from cinnamon is used in the work of massages, as it benefits and nourishes the skin, and is also used as a treatment for the skin from sunburn. Cinnamon oil is also useful in strengthening teeth .


Due to its skin-enhancing effect, chamomile is included in the composition of masks and creams, and an infusion of chamomile is added to the water bath. It also helps eliminate pimples, combats skin irritation.


Camphor oil is known to have an anti-rheumatic effect. Camphor also has the advantage of being a laxative and disinfectant for the skin, and is useful in treating troubles caused by oily skin.


Peppermint has a moisturizing effect on the skin, as well as helps clear the skin and remove pimples from it. It can be added to bath water for cosmetic purposes.

habat al Baraka

Nigella sativa is known for its many medicinal properties and has great benefits for the skin and hair, as black seed oil is used as a powerful cleanser for the skin and anti-inflammatory. And it is included in the formulation of herbal shampoos to wash the hair, as it strengthens and softens it.


Figs are useful in the event that there are pimples on the face, as the fig fruit helps to reduce fat, remove pimples and clear the skin.

the strawberry:

To remove wrinkles and the beauty of the skin, squeeze some strawberries and rub them on your face morning and evening, then wash your face with parsley water, as it helps to clean and remove yellowish teeth.


To get a beautiful luminous complexion, wash the face with parsley water morning and evening for a week.


It is useful in treating facial wrinkles and getting rid of freckles, and in the case of oily skin, you can use it with grated powder or slices.


Vinegar is useful for smoothing and shiny hair and getting rid of dandruff. Put a little vinegar while washing your hair. It also helps beautify the leg and get rid of blue veins. Just rub the veins in the morning and evening for a month. To lose your body, eat two teaspoons in a cup of water with each meal.


Henna is useful in treating dandruff and scalp inflammation. It also helps remove fungal infections in the toes and strengthens the nails of the hands, as it has been shown to contain astringent and antiseptic substances. God willing, you like it

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