Natural herbs and oils

Beauty, skin care and hair are one of the things that concern women most, and they pour their minds into it, and it is always known that natural materials such as herbs and oils are the best companion for women who are looking for beauty, and to appear in an attractive and attractive way, and they can be used in different ways and in a variety of forms to obtain results They may be much better than those achieved by manufactured materials.

Among the herbs that may be used to give beauty to women, chamomile, which is a beautifier for the skin, and enters into the work of many masks due to its effectiveness, in addition to that it is included in creams, resists skin irritation and removes pimples, through the use of soaked in it on the face, in addition to that It can be applied to the hair, where it gives it a beautiful color and luster.

herb Cinnamon

Cinnamon; The oil extracted from it can be used in the work of massages, besides it benefits the skin and nourishes it clearly and continuously, and it can be used for treatment of skin burns.

herb Thyme 

Thyme is also used in soaking form to make a hair mask to reduce hair loss, as well as reduce the signs of aging.

herb lavender

As for lavender, it is a laxative and sweetener for the skin, in addition to its fragrant smell.

herb black seed

As for the black seed, its oil is used as a very strong cleanser for the skin, and it can be adopted as an anti-inflammatory, in addition to it strengthens and softens the hair.

herb cloves

And cloves are also herbs that can be used to treat facial pimples, in addition to it cleanses and purifies the skin.

herb Rose water

Rose water is one of the substances that helps a lot in the purity and clarity of the skin and gives it a beautiful texture, and it can be used daily in the morning and before bed as a face wash.

 almond oil

As for almond oil, it is also used to tighten the face, and prevent sagging, in addition to it is used to treat dark circles under the eyes, in addition to its effectiveness in softening and beautifying the skin.

herb Potato

Potato also works to remove swelling in the eyes and blackness that may form around them, by placing a slice of potato on the eyelid.

herb sage

Sage is used to treat skin with large pores and pimples that may appear in it, as well as it may be used to reduce weight, as it works to block the appetite to a large extent.

herb rosemary

As for rosemary, it prevents hair loss, especially if combined with olive oil.

 burdock plant

The burdock plant works to lengthen and strengthen the hair if the focus is on the roots, and it also stops its loss, and basil is used to blacken hair, prevent it from falling out and lengthen it.

watercress and lettuce oils

Also, the watercress and lettuce oils are very beneficial for hair, and they give it a natural shine and luster, in addition to reducing hair loss.

herb Parsley

Parsley is beneficial in several ways. The first is the face, as it works on its clarity and purification by washing it in its daily infusion, in addition to it is used as a hair rejuvenator, especially that which nourishes the scalp and prevents hair loss.


As for garlic, if mixed with olive oil and castor oil, it eliminates baldness and removes dandruff, while the black seed gives hair the required strength and shine.

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