5 herbs that help enlarge breast size

Many women suffer from small breast size, and they feel embarrassed about this problem, so they turn to plastic surgery, knowing that there are many herbs that contribute to getting an ideal breast, without the need for surgeries.

According to "Webmd", a number of doctors confirm that breast enlargement by natural methods helps to expand tissues at a natural rate of up to 55%, most notably the breast enlargement device, despite the stress that women incur when wearing it for a period of 10 weeks, for a period ranging from 10 to 12 hours a day, indicating that it is safe for their health from plastic surgery, which poses serious risks.

Complementing the natural method used for breast enlargement, Verywellhealth points out that herbal pills are one of the effective means for breast enlargement, because their effect is similar to the effect of the estrogen hormone in the body, which contributes to the effective enlargement of breast size, most notably:

Blessed thorns

It was used by women in the past to enlarge breast size and generate breast milk. This herb is also considered an effective treatment for loss of appetite and indigestion.

Fennel seeds

Women used to use it to increase breast milk, enhance sexual desire, and enlarge breast size, because they contain compounds that have the same effect as estrogen, such as dianethol and phenothol.

The fenugreek

Although women rely on fenugreek as a natural way to enlarge breast size and increase breast milk at the time of breastfeeding, there are no practical studies confirming its effectiveness in this regard.

Saw palmetto

One of the herbs used to treat the symptoms associated with prostate enlargement in men, as some studies have shown, that it is of great importance to women's health, as it contributes to enlarging breast size by 40%, and reduces the severity of menstrual symptoms.

Wild yam

It contains compounds that resemble the hormone estrogen, so it is one of the effective herbs for enlarging breast size, treating menstrual symptoms, and relieving premenstrual syndrome.

Are herbal pills safe for women's health?

As for the scientific opinion regarding herbal pills, doctors advise not to take herbs despite their effectiveness in enlarging the size of the breasts, due to the lack of scientific evidence stating that they are safe for the health of women, knowing that there are some studies that warn against taking them, because they are hormone-like compounds Estrogen in its effect may increase the chances of developing uterine cancer.

Therefore, birth control pills and hormonal treatments are safe alternatives to these pills, because they contain the hormone progesterone, which reduces the side effects of estrogen on the womb.

Knowing that the contraceptive pill helps to enlarge the size of the breast temporarily, because the estrogen hormone causes fluid retention in the breasts, but it quickly returns to its normal size after stopping taking it.

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