Herbal heart muscle relaxant treatment

The heart is one of the most important organs in the body, as it is responsible for providing oxygen-rich blood to all tissues, but when the heart suffers from stress due to high blood pressure or an irregular heartbeat, what is called "cardiomyopathy" occurs, despite the presence of drugs to treat muscle weakness Heart However, there are herbs that can be used to treat this disease. In the following lines, we offer you advice on how to use alternative medicine to treat heart muscle relaxation, according to the "Search herbal remedy" site.

What is myocardial relaxant disease?


It is a disease that makes the heart weak and enlarged as a result of poor blood flow to the heart, stiffness and inability to contract. This disease is also associated with other problems such as coronary artery, heart failure, atherosclerosis.

Alternative medicine for treating heart muscle relaxant herbs

1- Hawthorn:

It is a herb with a history in treating all heart problems, as hawthorn leaves and flowers contain large amounts of antioxidants, and hawthorn treats heart muscle relaxant disease, because it helps improve heart function and relieves angina pains, and it is an effective treatment for coronary artery disease, heart failure and atherosclerosis. It helps reduce blood pressure.

2- Arjuna herb


It is an evergreen tree found in India, its bark is used as medicine and it is an effective treatment for cardiomyopathy and weakness and heart failure, and this herb helps in improving the muscle function of the heart, pumping performance, strengthening the coronary arteries, and reducing blood pressure and pain.

 3- Coleus herb


It is a herb from India belonging to the mint family. The leaves of this herb contain high amounts of "Forskolin", which is effective for treating weak heart muscle, improving heart function, reducing blood pressure and expanding coronary arteries.

 4- Dan Shen Chinese herb


It is a famous Chinese herb and the root of this herb is black, purple in color.It is used as a medicine and is used as a treatment for angina and atherosclerosis, and it relaxes the muscles in the coronary arteries, improves heart contractions, promotes blood circulation in the heart, and prevents cardiomyopathy.

5- the herb "ginko biloba"


Helps in healing many diseases such as: relaxation of the heart muscle and other problems related to the heart, and to achieve effective results, this herb must be taken daily for a few weeks until you start to feel better.

6- Dried and crushed pomegranate peel


It is used to treat weak heart muscle diseases, where it can be put on boiling water and drink it with a spoonful of honey and it can be drunk 3 times a day until you feel better.

7- Rosemary and sage


One of the useful herbs for treating heart muscle weakness, because it contains antioxidants that strengthen the heart muscle.

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