5 foods to eat before bed

Dinner is considered a basic meal for some, but doctors specify a specific time to eat it, which is before seven in the evening, to digest it well and at the same time it does not lead to the accumulation of unhealthy fats, which cause chronic diseases, including obesity. So doctors recommend a range of healthy foods On the following pages, which you can eat before going to bed, if you feel hungry, without worrying about weight gain, the "consultant" provides a list of the healthiest foods that you can eat before going to sleep, according to "Eat This".

1- Yogurt

Greek yogurt or skimmed yogurt contains a high amount of protein, which makes you feel full and does not want to eat more food, skimmed yogurt is one of the ideal meals before you go to sleep, because it contains very low calories.

2- cherries

Cherries contain a high percentage of antioxidants, which stimulate the body to produce the hormone melatonin, which is responsible for entering deep sleep stages and getting a comfortable and peaceful sleep, as well as being one of the healthy fruits for weight loss.

3- Peanut butter

Banana-with-butter-peanut-peanut butter added to a slice of wholegrain bread, (brown bread), is one of the meals rich in nutrients of essential vitamins and minerals, most notably protein, and these nutrients contribute to getting a good sleep without getting obese.

4- Cottage cheese

 Cottage cheese contains a high percentage of vitamins and minerals, most notably protein, vitamin B12 and vitamin B6, in addition to calcium, all of these ideal elements fight insomnia and obesity at the same time, so it is an ideal meal when feeling hungry before going to sleep.

5- Bananas

Bananas If you feel hungry and insomnia together, here is this ideal fruit, which is banana, which is characterized by its high content of amino acids, which eliminate insomnia and improve digestion.

How does vitamin A help you lose weight? ... A study demonstrates

Some people suffer from overweight in the winter season, because the cold weather causes them to eat large quantities of high-calorie foods to feel warm. Vitamin A is known to strengthen the immune system, promote eye health and maintain the freshness of the skin, but a recent study discovered Conducted by scientists from the Medical University of Vienna, it also helps you lose weight, especially in cold weather.

According to the results of the study published on the "MedicalXpress" website, vitamin A plays a major role in converting white fat accumulated in the abdomen, green and thighs into brown fat in cold temperatures. Read also: 4 vitamins that help you lose weight .. These foods contain them. Scientists confirmed that fat The structure helps greatly to enhance the body's metabolism rate, which contributes to weight loss. However, scientists cautioned against getting high doses of vitamin A supplements, especially if the specialist doctor did not prescribe them, indicating that they are planning to conduct more studies, to make sure. From the effect of cold weather on white fats that cause obesity.

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