Herbs, the natural alternative to energy drinks

 There are many types of teas mixed with herbs and fruits stacked on store shelves, and we do not know much about their benefits, but the American "fitfoodhouse", which specializes in alternative medicine recipes, confirms that the benefits of these types of teas give the body more energy than those given to us by energy drinks.

1- Rose tea:

It tastes delicious, especially when you add a little sugar to it, and it has a pleasant smell, it contains vitamin "C". Continuing to drink it is an effective way to cleanse the kidneys and urinary bladder and also with the elimination of small sand and stones, and boost the immune system.

Various types of herbal teas

2- mint tea:

Peppermint tea is used to improve stomach function, against nervous tension, as well as relieves gallbladder secretion, and contributes to the elimination of various digestive problems.

Tea with rose to calm nerves

3- Apple tea:

This type of tea should be kept in tightly closed boxes, because it easily absorbs moisture from the air, and this tea is used to calm nerves and relax after a long working day.

Different types of tea should be carefully preserved

4- Wild strawberry tea:

Wild strawberry leaves added to tea contain some essential oils and are used as a diuretic, and they work to cleanse the blood, and reduce gout in it as well.

Nature herbs increase the benefits of tea

5- Linden tea

It is preferable to use it in cases of severe cold as it is useful for treating cough and cold, and for strengthening the immune system, and it also gives the body energy more than energy drinks.

Drinking a cup daily raises your energy

6- Tea with quince

"Quince" seeds contain a group of volatile oils that work to treat chronic stomach infections, and you can add a little cinnamon powder to help the speed of burning in the event of weight loss.

Quince tea with cinnamon powder added to lose weight

7- Tea with pears

Pear leaves mixed with tea help calm stomach cramps, reduce cough, and greatly boost the immune system in the winter season, especially if mixed with a spoonful of white honey.

Some herbs found in nature improve the energy of the body and give it increased activity as a result of the chemicals present in it, which act as a stimulant for the brain and an antioxidant, and also improve blood flow to the important parts of the body, especially the brain. It is these herbs that are famous for stimulating energy.

Golden root

It contains at least 0.8% of the compound cidroside, which is considered a good treatment for general weakness and chronic fatigue cases.

Ginseng (ginseng)

It is known to athletes as a stimulant for memory and as a fatigue suppressant, and was used as a treatment for diseases of aging. It is available as a powder to make an herbal drink or extract.

Ginkgo biloba (ginko biloba)

Contains ginkgolides that regulate heart rate, help blood flow to the brain and muscles, treat Alzheimer's disease and improve mood.

Gotu kola wort

Because they contain Acetacocin and Madecasic acid, they are used as food for the brain to stimulate memory and overcome mental fatigue. And taken in the authorities or as a boiled herbal drink.

Note: Some herbs, if taken in large doses, have a narcotic effect, such as the Jotokola herb, so it is not recommended to use it before driving or for children under nine years of age.

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